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Zip Line Information


The zip line is open on Saturdays and Sundays ONLY during the Pumpkin Harvest Festival.

Tickets are sold from 10:00 AM until 4:30 PM


Dave Smiley of WZPL 99.5 stops by Stonycreek Farm's zip line to check off a bucket list item for his 40th birthday!



What? Stonycreek Farm has a zip line?

That's right! Ascend a 50-foot suspension bridge 40 feet up in the air. Riders will be able to see the entire farm from the starting platform. From there, they will zip 400 feet across our Christmas tree field and pond, which gives another great view of the pumpkin patch. Riders will finally arrive at the ending platform near the Barn Loft, where they will slide down safely to the ground.


How safe is it?

Fully trained staff inspect the zip line every morning before opening to insure the safety and security of our riders. In the case that the zip line is unsafe, we will NOT allow anyone to ride it.

After paying for their ticket and filling out a waiver, participants will be fitted into a full-body harness and informed of our safety procedures and guidelines. When the little safety session is completed, zippers will be guided to the starting platform where another set of staff will connect them to the safety line and lead them up the bridge and to the platform. From there, participants will await the staff to make sure the line is clear and safe to zip. After that...it's history! Staff at the ending platform will give safety signals if riders are coming in too fast. Even so, they'll  be caught by the line's breaking system. This slows riders down so they do not end so abruptly. Once the break slows the rider down, they will be caught by the "Receiver." The Receiver disconnects the rider from the line and assists them down the slide, where they will end softly onto playground-grade mulch.


How much is it?

The zip line costs $15.00 per person for one zip down the line. Participants can purchase tickets at the Barn Loft, where they will then fill out a waiver prior to being harnessed. Only CASH will be accepted at the Barn Loft. No credit cards can be processed there. There is an ATM located in the Office/Gift Shop for your convenience.


So, are there any restrictions?

Yes, we do have age, weight, and clothing requirements, as well as a waiver of liability to be signed.

Age: Children must be at least 10 years old.

Weight: Minimum of 90 pounds. Maximum of 250 pounds.

Clothing: Open-toed shoes are prohibited. Going barefoot is also not an option. No exceptions! Riders MUST wear shoes that cover their feet completely. We do not have any shoes for riders to borrow or rent, so come prepared!

Waiver: Filling out a waiver is a MUST. For riders under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must sign for them.


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